Man Duped Into Meeting 40yo Aunty Instead Of A 22yo Escort



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Man Duped Into Meeting 40yo Aunty Instead Of A 22yo Escort

By sleepingbeauty

In today's age of photo filters and editing, it has become increasingly common for both men and women to rely on these tools, creating a significant gap between their online and offline appearances. Recently, a Chinese man experienced a rude awakening when he met a 22-year-old woman he had connected with online. They had arranged to meet at a restaurant, but upon her arrival, the man was dumbfounded to discover that she looked completely different from the glamorous photos he had seen online.

Enraged, he immediately dismissed her, refusing to pay for her transportation and angrily labelling her a "40-year-old auntie." The woman retorted, arguing that it is now the norm for people to enhance their photos with filters and beauty apps.

Screenshots of the conversation between the man and the woman quickly went viral in China. The man had initially connected with a 22-year-old escort based on the various stunning photos she had shared online, showcasing her clear features, fair complexion, and beauty. She had stated her height as 163 centimetres, weighing 45 kilograms, and cup size as 36A. The man readily invited her to a hotel.

However, upon their meeting, the woman looked significantly older and resembled a 40-year-old auntie, far from the sweet appearance depicted in the photos. This drastic difference shocked the man, prompting him to take a photo of the woman to confirm if she was indeed the same person. He asked, "Is this not the person who came?" Upon learning the truth, his interest immediately vanished, and he reluctantly sent her away.

Frustrated by the man's reaction, the woman retorted, "Who doesn't use photo editing and filters? No one even watches videos." The man, feeling deceived, threatened to expose the truth about the "40-year-old auntie" and refused to pay for her transportation expenses.

The woman countered, "I didn't even insult you, and yet you refuse to pay for the fare and insult me." The man persisted with his accusation, claiming that she was not the same person and possibly engaged in fraudulent activities. Angered, he lashed out with explicit language. The outcome of this incident remains unknown.

After the news spread, many netizens expressed their astonishment at the stark difference between the woman's online and offline appearances, highlighting the significant disparity.

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