67 Year Old Cleaner Receives RM34k++ Rolex Watch From Company For Her 10 Years Of Service



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67 Year Old Cleaner Receives RM34k++ Rolex Watch From Company For Her 10 Years Of Service

By Ayunie

In a heartwarming gesture of appreciation and recognition, a 67-year-old Singaporean cleaner, Tan Ai Tee, received an unexpected and extravagant gift from her employer, The Paradise Group. After a decade of dedicated service, Tan was presented with a Rolex watch, a token of gratitude that left her feeling touched and valued. This remarkable act of generosity by The Paradise Group has garnered widespread attention, not only for its exceptional nature but also for the inclusive manner in which they recognize and reward their employees.

Tan Ai Tee's journey to receiving a Rolex watch is a testament to her resilience and hard work. Having left school after Primary 6, she entered the workforce at the young age of 16. Over the years, Tan held various jobs, including selling chicken rice, assembling computer parts, and working as a department store assistant. In 2013, she joined Paradise Group as kitchen staff at the Seafood Paradise restaurant in Defu Lane 10. Although the restaurant closed its doors in 2016, Tan remained committed to the company and transitioned into a cleaning role at Paradise Group's headquarters.


Tan's dedication and unwavering commitment to her work did not go unnoticed by The Paradise Group. During the company's annual dinner, they surprised their employees, regardless of their positions, with a total of 90+ Rolex watches. This unexpected display of appreciation left Tan feeling overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude. As a part-time worker, she never anticipated such a grand gesture, and the recognition deeply touched her.


When asked about her reaction to receiving the Rolex watch, Tan expressed her joy and appreciation to The Straits Times, saying, "I felt very happy and touched that the bosses and company recognized me for my work here. I did not expect that as a part-timer, I can get a Rolex watch." She plans to pass down this prestigious timepiece to her daughter, cherishing it as a symbol of her hard work and the recognition she received.

Tan's journey at The Paradise Group is marked by a series of significant milestones, each representing the company's appreciation for her dedicated service. Over the years, in addition to the Rolex watch, she has received other meaningful gifts. After five years of service, she was presented with a 2.5g Suisse gold bar, and after eight years, she received a 5g gold bar. These gestures demonstrate The Paradise Group's commitment to recognizing the contributions of all its employees, regardless of their roles within the organization.

Tan Ai Tee's story serves as an inspiration, highlighting the power of recognition and appreciation in the workplace. The Paradise Group's remarkable act of gifting their employees, including a part-time cleaner, with Rolex watches exemplifies their commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity and gratitude. Tan's journey from various odd jobs to receiving prestigious gifts symbolizes the value of hard work and dedication. Her story will undoubtedly encourage other employers to recognize and appreciate their employees' efforts, no matter their positions, ultimately creating a more positive and fulfilling work environment for everyone.

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Pictures taken from The Sraits Times

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