35-Year-Old Mother Of Five In Sabah Brutally Raped And Murdered, Half-Naked Body Displays Signs Of Physical Abuse



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35-Year-Old Mother Of Five In Sabah Brutally Raped And Murdered, Half-Naked Body Displays Signs Of Physical Abuse

By Ayunie

A horrifying incident rocked the community of Kampung Pisang, lahad Datu, Sabah as a 36-year-old mother was discovered brutally murdered in a banana plantation yesterday. The victim, a mother of five children and employed as a roti canai maker at a local restaurant, met a tragic end that has sparked widespread shock and concern.

The grim discovery was made around 8:15 AM by the victim's family members after her employer raised an alarm about her absence from work.

Lahad Datu District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Rohan Shah Ahmad, revealed chilling details about the incident. The victim purportedly left her home at approximately 6:15 AM, taking a route through the plantation bushes towards her workplace. However, she never arrived, prompting the employer to contact her family.

Source: Telegram

Subsequently, the victim's family initiated a search and found her lifeless body about 600 meters away from her home.

Preliminary investigations uncovered distressing evidence indicating the brutal nature of the crime. There were visible signs of blunt force trauma to the victim's head and strangulation marks around her neck. Shockingly, she was found partially unclothed, raising suspicions of sexual assault. Traces of semen were reportedly discovered on her private parts.

Source: Telegram

Adding to the tragedy, the victim's mobile phone was missing, and her wallet was devoid of any cash, indicating a potential robbery motive.

Authorities have escalated the case to Section 302 of the Penal Code, recognizing the severity of the crime, which carries the death penalty upon conviction.

Presently, the police are actively pursuing leads and seeking suspects linked to this heinous act. Assistant Superintendent Kharuddin Husain, Chief of the Crime Investigation Department at Lahad Datu District Police Headquarters, has urged the public to come forward with any pertinent information to aid in the investigation.

He can be contacted at 013-9071709 or via the nearest police station.

Source: Sinar Harian

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