WATCH: "I Was Feeling Fatigued!" Scandalous TikToker Mira Shares View Chin's First Ramadan Fasting Experience



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WATCH: "I Was Feeling Fatigued!" Scandalous TikToker Mira Shares View Chin's First Ramadan Fasting Experience

By JustineG

Malaysian influencer and live streamer View Chin's scandal with his ex-wife Shermine accusing him of cheating with a Malay female employee named Mira caused a stir on the internet before this. While the controversy has since subsided, the actions of the three individuals continue to be closely watched. After the divorce, View Chin and Mira often engage with their fans through live streams or videos, and recently, they've been sharing content about Ramadan on TikTok, sparking lively interest among netizens. 

Amira documented View Chin's first experience breaking fast, where they shared a sumptuous dinner prepared by her mother, including Nasi Lemak and Redang chicken. Reflecting on his first attempt, View Chin admitted that while he didn't achieve a perfect score of 100, he gave himself a 99 instead, mentioning accidentally swallowing saliva during fasting and feeling slight fatigue throughout the day.

He attributed this to the initial adjustment period and anticipated gradually adapting in the following days. While it remains uncertain whether the promise of a Ferrari upon completion of the challenge is genuine or just a gimmick, netizens eagerly await View Chin's successful completion. 

"Nasi lemak, rendang ayam, and sambal. I've held out for a day; fasting is 99 per cent because the remaining 1 per cent is just swallowing saliva. Feeling drowsy, my brain can't function, and I can't walk. Work until 5 p.m.; mind already blank. But this is just the first day, so it makes sense. Following days after this, I should get used to it."

Checking the comments section, most netizens congratulated View Chin for completing her first day of fasting. Meanwhile, many expressed gratitude for View Chin's achievement and prayed for her perseverance and ease in her affairs.

In one video, Mira invited several team members for a visit and asked who they would spend Ramadan with this month, including their boss, View Chin. He mentioned that he would be experiencing his first Ramadan with Mira and her family and expressed his determination to complete the challenge. Seeing View Chin's determination, Mira boldly claimed in the video that if View Chin successfully completed the month-long challenge, she would gift him a Ferrari.

It's worth mentioning that they've also started filming a series of videos titled "If Your Boyfriend Is Chinese," where Mira seeks advice from View Chin on learning some essential Chinese words to help fellow Malaysians learn the language, and these videos have garnered positive responses, attracting a large following online.

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