Woman With 'Love Brain' Disorder Obsessed With Her Boyfriend To The Point Of Calling Him Over 100 Times A Day



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Woman With 'Love Brain' Disorder Obsessed With Her Boyfriend To The Point Of Calling Him Over 100 Times A Day

By JustineG

A woman in China has been admitted to the hospital after being accused of becoming obsessed with her boyfriend. Doctors believe that the woman, known as Xiaoyu, may be suffering from a personality disorder. According to the South China Morning Post, Xiaoyu's behaviour began during her first year in college. She was reported to become overly dependent on her boyfriend, craving constant communication and updates on his whereabouts. This behaviour led to frequent arguments, causing distress to her boyfriend.


The situation worsened when Xiaoyu started calling her boyfriend over 100 times a day, only to receive no response. Feeling deeply disappointed, she began breaking objects in her home. Concerned for her safety, her boyfriend sought the help of the police. When the police arrived, Xiaoyu threatened to jump from the balcony. Officers promptly took her to the hospital.


There, she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder or "love brain." Though not a medical term, "love brain" is colloquially used to describe a type of obsessive behaviour in romantic relationships. Dr. Du Na, a doctor at the hospital where Xiaoyu was treated, explained her condition. 


Personality disorders can sometimes occur alongside other conditions such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Dr. Du suggested that Xiaoyu's condition may be related to unhealthy childhood experiences.

So far, Dr. Du has not disclosed the cause of Xiaoyu's illness. However, she noted that it often occurs in individuals who did not have healthy relationships with their parents during childhood.

Source: SCMP

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