How to Contour Your Face Like The A-Listers With These Easy Concealer Hacks



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How to Contour Your Face Like The A-Listers With These Easy Concealer Hacks

2 Weeks ago
By DN21

Who says makeup is a waste of money? For the beauty enthusiasts, a product's versatility is one of the main elements to consider before pulling the trigger. 

One product that falls under that radar is definitely a concealer. Case in point? Not only does it covers up blemishes and redness, but you can pretty much use it for contouring as well!

Here's the thing, having a chiselled face by the works of a nifty concealer can be just as worthy- if you master the right technique, that is. Here's how:  
1- Opt for concealers in multiple shades: 

For the basis- a standard shade to cover up the blemishes and redness.

For contouring- two to three shades darker.

For highlighting- two to three shades lighter.

2- Concealer sticks take the win

Contrary to popular belief, concealer sticks have creamier formulas that allow seamless application into the skin. And because they're easier to glide, you'll get a better control over the amount. 

3- Technique

To contour, these are the areas where you should apply the contour shade:

- Under the cheekbones, jawline, tip of the chin, tip of the nose.

- Around the hairline

- Down the sides of the nose 

- The eyes' socket line

Blend these areas with a small makeup brush for a more natural finish.

To highlight, the shade should be applied onto the following:

- The centre of the forehead, inner corners of the eyes, down the centre of the nose, the cheekbones' peaks, middle of the chin and above the Cupid's bow.

Once again, blend, blend AND blend until you've attained the desired result! 

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