To Watch Or Not To Watch | This New Korean Docuseries Is So Scary



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To Watch Or Not To Watch | This New Korean Docuseries Is So Scary

2 Weeks ago
By ellephant

A latest series just dropped on Netflix and it is so scary. 

The docuseries tells the story of 4 religious cult leaders in Korea who uses their power to take advantage of girls. 

They go about persuading people that they are God, and yield that power by doing the most horrendous things. 

Here are a few reasons why you could consider watching the show.  

1. You like documentaries in general

2. You enjoy the genre of organized crime

3. You're into cultish stuff for entertainment

4. You intend to peek into a scary window of Asian extremities 

However, there's quite a bit of material which can be scary, so maybe don't watch if:  

1. You can't take extreme 

2. You don't like to handle the ugliness of reality

3. You avoid triggering content which include, sexual assault, rape and suicide. 

4. You're not a documentary person. 

So, to watch or not to watch?

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