Zara Perfumes That Are Just As Good As High-Ends— Not Kidding!



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Zara Perfumes That Are Just As Good As High-Ends— Not Kidding!


Cheap perfumes have a famous reputation for their unsatisfying performance. That is, until the creation of Zara perfumes. Many of their perfumes are great dupes for renowned high-end perfumes and with such an affordable price point, Zara should be awarded a special place in perfume heaven.
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If you're new to Zara perfumes, we've got some ideas for both men and women on which perfumes you should get. 

• For Women •

# Red Vanilla

"All in all a nice scent. And I don't often say that because I'm generally not a fan of these 'bargain perfumes'. They usually don't come close to the designer perfumes but this is a good one for that price." — review on 

This perfume is the fragrant embodiment of confidence in a bottle. Ideal for an everyday perfume if you wish to carry that girl boss vibes wherever you go. Most of the reviewers on Fragrantica swears that this is a dupe for Lancôme La Vie Est Belle but much, much cheaper. The sillage is rather average but its a good thing it's affordable, so could re-apply as frequent as you wish without so much as a tear in your wallet.

# Joyful Tuberose

"A very good perfume for its price. It's delicate, elegant, and perfect as a day perfume."— Review on

Some say it's a dupe for Gucci Rush while others swear it reminds them of Dior J'adore. Either way, it's a safe perfume to get for either yourself or a loved one.
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# Wonder Rose

You've probably noticed by now Zara loves adding the word "Rose" in almost every perfume name they launch. While that may lead you to think, "hm, it must be pretty generic, then.", you're wrong. Wonder Rose happens to be one of the most popular perfume selections among Zara fans.

Why? Its all-around pleasant notes of vanilla coupled with pear and red fruits makes this perfume an instant crowd-pleaser.

• For Men •

#Vibrant Leather

"This is a good inexpensive Creed Aventus clone."— Review on

Who doesn't like leathery perfume on men, no? This particular men perfume from Zara is a crowd favorite for its striking similarities to Mont Blanc Explorer which is of course a dupe for the world-renowned best perfume for men, Creed Aventus. Can't go wrong with this one.

# Man Gold 

"Cant go wrong with this one if you want a sweet, dark scent to wear out. Cross Black XS and Deseo by Jennifer Lopez - both fragrances which have a lot of sex appeal."— Review on 

If you're looking for a gourmand perfume that's ideal for going on dates or something safe and pleasing that you can wear at night, Man Gold is your best bet.
source: Luxury Perfume Malaysia

# Zara Tobacco Collection

"Reminds me of Guess seductive noir homme, but much more refined. I get a beautiful mix of apple and tonka bean. Great value for the price."— Review on

This unique collection from Zara men's perfume ranges from Rich, Warm, Addictive, and more. Most wearers say this is the perfume to get if you want to smell alluring, sexy, and expensive.

Perfumes say a lot about a person, and it adds a plus point to first impressions too! Which Zara perfume is your favorite? Do tell us in the comment section! 

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