"He Had Photos Of His Friend's Cleavage & Butt!" Malaysians Share How They Caught Their Partner Cheating



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"He Had Photos Of His Friend's Cleavage & Butt!" Malaysians Share How They Caught Their Partner Cheating

By MJC97

One of the most painful things a person can go through is a breakup, especially the kind that happens because a partner cheated. It is the kind of pain that takes forever to heal from and it affects all our future relationships. 

Recently a Twitter user, @malissaali shared her story of how she found out that her partner was cheating, she then asked Malaysians to share their stories and they did!

Here's how these Malaysians caught found out that their partner was cheating:


Translation: I saw that he saved someone's name with the butterfly emoji (I hate this emoji for now). Confronted him and asked why would he save someone's name as a butterfly. He said, "she's just a friend." I dug deeper and turns out I was lied to. He already prepared a replacement for me. 



Translation: He disappeared for 2 weeks, saying his phone was missing. Then after 2 weeks, he suddenly WhatsApps me saying that his mother had got him engaged to someone else. I was so hurt. I told all my family and friend who knew him that he died in a car accident. 



Translation: A woman's instincts are strong. Very strong. II knew I was being cheated on when I started to feel like something was wrong with him. My instincts told me that he was getting to know another woman, and yes, he was cheating. I found a woman's IG profile with my ex's name in the bio. After a few days, I broke up with him. Hahahah



Translation: I logged in with his number on the Celcom website. Last time, you could check a person's call & text history on the Celcom website. From there I saw a number that he frequently contacted aside from me. When I texted him, he said he had no credit but he could still text the other number. I took the number & I texted the woman myself. 



Translation: For the whole 1 year plus that we were together, I never checked his phone but one day I felt moved to do so and I immediately opened his WhatsApp and checked his archived messages where I found his chat with the other woman. Turns out he had another gf at his office. 









Translation: He kept photos of his friend's cleavage and butt in his "account" folder on his laptop. When I confronted him, he twisted the story and blamed me in the end. So the next day I left. 

Have you ever caught your partner cheating? Share your story in the comments section!

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