4 Hacks To Stop Your SHEIN Jewellery From Turning Your Skin Green



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4 Hacks To Stop Your SHEIN Jewellery From Turning Your Skin Green

By m7py

Ugh- two days of unpacking your shiny layered-necklace from SHEIN, and now it's gone all rusty green? That's the thing with most accessories from the people's favourite fast-fashion retailer. But, keep calm- these tips will keep your precious jewellery more long-lasting. 

1. Use clear nail polish

You've probably has a bottle of clear nail polish, sitting on your vanity. So, give your bijoux 2-3 coats of nail polish to make it tarnish-free. 

2. Use crystal-clear enamel coat


The enamel coat is also effective in putting a barrier between the accessories and your skin. In fact, it is proven to protect your jewellery better than the nail polish. 

3. Store in a Ziploc bag

Moisture in the air could wear down your jewels. So, keep them protected in a Ziploc bag. Make sure to get rid as much air as possible before sealing it.
4. Use anti-tarnish strips

Take some precautionary steps by storing your favourite pieces with anti-tarnish strips. The absorbent pieces of paper will prevent your jewels from tarnishing over time. 

So, use these hacks on your jewellery and stop your money from going to waste! 

SHEIN jewellry Accessories green


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