Old Photo of Anwar Ibrahim and Nelson Mandela Goes Viral, Here's The Story Behind It:



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Old Photo of Anwar Ibrahim and Nelson Mandela Goes Viral, Here's The Story Behind It:


The anti-apartheid activist and world leader Nelson Mandela has long been the symbol of resilience in fighting racism and racial segregation. What people might not know is that he used to maintain good personal relations with our current prime minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

These two world leaders, who both had to serve time in prison during their political careers, had comparable challenges. An old photo of Anwar standing next to Nelson Mandola while accompanied by his wife had resurfaced again on Mandela's death anniversary.

Back in 2004, Anwar had been invited by Mandela to come to Johannesburg, where they shared a "profound" moment sharing stories in prison.

Mandela, whom Anwar referred to "Madiba" (A term of endearment a term used for older people, particularly men) has always been admired by the prime minister for his "commitment to justice, human rights and freedoms, and racial equality."

Back in 2019, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim attended a ceremony to commemorate the anti-apartheid, anti-religious and revolutionary figure of Nelson Mandela at the Palace of Golden Horses. He has often been proclaimed as the "Malaysian Mandela" for his struggles in politics. 

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