WATCH: CCTV Captures Peeping Tom At Public Women's Restroom In Tapah



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WATCH: CCTV Captures Peeping Tom At Public Women's Restroom In Tapah

By JustineG

In a recent incident that has left the community alarmed, a shocking CCTV footage captured a disturbing incident outside a petrol station in Tapah. The footage revealed a peeping tom lurking near the women's restroom, raising concerns about public safety.

The unsettling video showed a woman entering the restroom, unaware of the presence of the individual with ill intentions. He was spotted positioned just opposite the restroom entrance, appearing to hesitate before eventually entering after the woman.

The woman's discomfort became evident as she hurriedly exited the restroom, casting anxious glances behind her to ensure she was not being followed. Her unease was palpable as she quickened her pace, clearly affected by the unnerving encounter.

Moments later, the individual emerged from the restroom area, displaying suspicious behaviour as he hastily adjusted his clothing. His actions raised further questions about his motives and intentions.

Local law enforcement is actively pursuing leads to identify and apprehend the suspect responsible for this distressing incident. The safety and well-being of the community, especially women, remain a top priority. As the investigation unfolds, it is hoped that swift justice will be served, bringing a sense of security back to the area.

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