18-Year-Old Male Teen In KL Abducted By A Man And Forced To Be His Sex Slave For Ten Days After Being Lured With A Job Offer



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18-Year-Old Male Teen In KL Abducted By A Man And Forced To Be His Sex Slave For Ten Days After Being Lured With A Job Offer

By Ayunie

TW: This article contains references of sexual assault

In a disturbing incident, a young teenager became the victim of abduction and assault after being enticed by promises of employment through an online application.

According to reliable sources, the 18-year-old teen was initially offered job assistance by an individual in July.

"After a brief period of getting to know each other, the victim and the suspect met in the middle of the previous month in pursuit of employment opportunities," the sources disclosed.  "The victim, unsuspecting of any sinister intentions, agreed and entered the suspect's vehicle, which picked him up from his residence in Bukit Jalil."

Further details revealed that the victim was subsequently taken to spend the night at the suspect's house in Kampung Pandan, with the promise of a visit to a supermarket for potential job prospects.

"As assured, the suspect accompanied the victim to the supermarket to explore employment options before returning to the suspect's residence," they elaborated. "However, upon arriving at the suspect's house, the victim was instructed to perform household tasks and was effectively held against his will." 


During this distressing period, the victim remained confined within the suspect's home for ten days, enduring multiple instances of assault.

"It was only after enduring these horrific experiences that the victim was threatened not to disclose the incidents to anyone before being allowed to return home," they added.

The traumatized victim, burdened with fear and emotional turmoil, recently mustered the courage to confide in his family. They promptly reported the harrowing ordeal to the authorities on Monday.

Kuala Lumpur's Chief of Police, Datuk Allaudeen Abdul Majid, acknowledged the receipt of the report related to this incident. An investigation is now underway under Section 377C of the Penal Code.

"The suspect's identity has been ascertained, and our investigation is progressing. We are currently in the process of verifying the victim's statement and awaiting the results of the medical examination," he affirmed. 

Source: Astro Awani 

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