WATCH: M'sian Woman Gets Exposed For Embezzling Company's Fund Worth RM400k Since 2021, Buying Herself A New House And Car



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WATCH: M'sian Woman Gets Exposed For Embezzling Company's Fund Worth RM400k Since 2021, Buying Herself A New House And Car

By JustineG

Operating a company and assembling a skilled workforce is imperative, yet placing trust in your employees presents an entirely different challenge. In the case of this businesswoman, she unearthed her employee, Ella, who had been embezzling company funds for personal use over a period of three years.

Consequently, the owner suffered losses totalling RM400,000 since 2021, while Ella spent a staggering RM20,000 on a shopping spree just last month. The founder of Jamu Puteri, Puteri Kasim, took to social media to post a video confronting Ella about the misappropriation.

In a series of Instagram videos, Puteri admitted to making an error by placing excessive trust in someone to manage the company's finances. She attempted to confront Ella's allegedly abusive husband, only to uncover Ella's web of lies. 

It was revealed that Ella had been involved in an affair with a younger man, leading to threats of self-harm when caught in the act.

Ella's husband questioned Puteri about the source of Ella's lavish spending, prompting an extensive investigation. It was then discovered that Ella had been using company funds to finance her extravagant lifestyle, including the purchase of a new house and car.

"I retrieved whatever I could that she had obtained using the company's money. I even seized her car, which she flaunted to all her former college boyfriends. I will file a police report, and I guarantee she will repay every cent," declared Puteri.

Many questioned how Puteri hadn't noticed the company's funds draining, but she clarified that her prolonged illness had kept her away from the office, leading her to entrust Ella with the responsibility.

"I have a team, even an accountant, to assist me, but I honestly didn't realize what was happening or how she managed to get away with it. I was foolish not to question the declining profits," she admitted.

Numerous netizens extended their support to Puteri, offering prayers for her recovery, while others provided advice to ensure such an incident would never recur.

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