WATCH: Local Content Creator, Arwind Kumar Exposes How His Brother Lost RM6k To A Fake Part-Time Job Scam



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WATCH: Local Content Creator, Arwind Kumar Exposes How His Brother Lost RM6k To A Fake Part-Time Job Scam

By JustineG

Many Malaysians have fallen prey to alluring fake job offers promising lucrative salaries on WhatsApp. While some of us are vigilant, several individuals continue to lose their hard-earned money to these seemingly too-good-to-be-true scams. In a distressing incident, Arwind Kumar's brother lost a total of RM6000 after engaging in tasks offered via WhatsApp, under the guise of a job opportunity.

Unaware of the deception, Arwind's brother was added to a WhatsApp group comprising individuals masquerading as co-workers, utilizing real images to lend credibility to the fraudulent scheme. The job offer involved completing tasks based on assigned levels, with a 10% commission granted for each task accomplished.

For instance, if a product costs RM60, the individual would receive a 10% commission of RM60, with the company immediately reimbursing them a total of RM66 within 10-15 minutes. Those completing four daily tasks would receive an additional RM228 bonus on top of their commissions and product prices.

Initially, the brother's first task entailed screenshotting a pomade product on Shopee and transferring RM30 to the "company's" account. Astonishingly, he was paid RM33 immediately, including his 10% commission, a tactic cleverly designed to lure victims into believing the legitimacy of the operation.

Subsequent tasks increased to RM200, with Arwind's brother continuing to participate and receiving his 10% commission. As the tasks escalated to RM699, the brother was required to complete three tasks simultaneously to obtain a 20% commission, bonuses, or even double the amount. Most tasks involved simple actions like clicking a link or screenshotting a product page on e-commerce platforms.

In line with typical scam practices, the fake "workers" posted glowing feedback to the admin, claiming successful commissions and profits, enticing many to join the scheme. As Arwind's brother proceeded with the tasks, he realized the promised returns weren't immediate, and an additional high-value task of RM2000 was proposed, sparking suspicion.

Seeking guidance, the brother confided in Arwind, who, after the discussion, recognized the scam for what it was. Despite efforts to dissuade his brother, he remained in denial, leading to severe mental distress. In a bid to help, Arwind provided the RM2000, only to prove a point to his brother that the money would not be returned, leaving his brother traumatized for over a year, having lost RM6000 to scammers.

While many may believe they can spot such scams, it's vital to share any seemingly lucrative job offers with others to seek a second opinion. Remember, professional companies or HR staff would never initiate conversations with "Hi Dear," so be cautious and alert.

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