WATCH: "I Was Today Years Old!" Did You Know Durian Isn't Malaysia's National Fruit? Discover Which Fruit Holds That Title!



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WATCH: "I Was Today Years Old!" Did You Know Durian Isn't Malaysia's National Fruit? Discover Which Fruit Holds That Title!

2 Weeks ago
By JustineG

Many Malaysians have a deep affection for durian, considering it a quintessential part of our culinary heritage. When foreign visitors come to Malaysia, aside from indulging in nasi lemak, introducing them to the pungent fruit is almost a cultural rite of passage.

Given its widespread popularity and abundance in our orchards, one might assume that durian holds the prestigious title of Malaysia's national fruit. However, prepare to be astonished because that assumption is incorrect! 

Surprisingly, the fruit bestowed with that honour is none other than the humble papaya! 

Yes, you read that correctly papaya reigns as Malaysia's national fruit. 

It's a revelation that may leave many scratching their heads in disbelief. 

Even a quick Google search confirms this unexpected fact. The realization dawned on many, including local influencer Ivor, who shared her astonishment on social media. The news sparked a collective sense of disbelief, as Malaysians grappled with the idea of papaya representing our nation's fruit identity.

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Despite the official designation, there's a widespread reluctance among Malaysians to accept papaya as our national fruit. 

Ivor, echoing the sentiments of many, refuses to acknowledge this shift until an official government statement confirms it. Until then, durian will continue to hold the symbolic title of Malaysia's national fruit for countless Malaysians.

So, were you aware that papaya, not durian, holds the esteemed position of Malaysia's national fruit? Or, like many of us, did you assume it was the king of fruits? 

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