5 Medical K-Dramas To Binge-Watch On Netflix If You Like Grey’s Anatomy Or The Good Doctor



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5 Medical K-Dramas To Binge-Watch On Netflix If You Like Grey’s Anatomy Or The Good Doctor

By Ayunie

If you‘ve just finished watching all seasons of Grey's Anatomy or The Good Doctor and you‘re now looking for other similar dramas to fill that empty hole in your chest, we’ve got you.


Here are five medical k-dramas that will make it hard not to binge-watch all their episodes in one sitting. You've been warned: 

1. Hospital Playlist

If you're into heartwarming dramas with captivating storylines, Hospital Playlist will get you instantly hooked. There's a reason why it's one of the highest-rated medical series in Korea. The ever-strong friendship between the doctors will touch your heart like no other. A must watch!

2. Dr. Romantic

This depicts the story of a triple-board certified surgeon, Boo Yong Joo, who was once at the top of his field before he suffered a tragic incident that forces him to adopt a different identity altogether. It's funny, romantic and emotional altogether, which means it's probably going to make you cry. 

3. Doctors


It's a heartwarming story about a friendship between a boy and a girl whose fate brings them both together again after more than a decade of separation. There, the real story begins...

4. The Good Doctors (Original Version)


Many people aren't aware that The Good Doctor (US) is adapted from this Korean drama, right here. So if you've enjoyed the US version, there's no reason you wouldn't enjoy this one too. 

5. Yong Pal/ The Gang Doctor

It's about a highly skilled doctor who's so desperate to save his sister that he agrees to do illegal side hustles just to pay for her costly medical bills. The plot twists will get you glued on your screen for sure. Prepare popcorns beforehand prior to watching. 


So, there you go. Go fill up your weekend with these medical k-dramas that will re-fill that hole in your chest after watching the mental exhaustion that is Grey's Anatomy, or The Good Doctor. (The number of doctors dying on these shows.... we'll never understand.)

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