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Non-Vaxxed Business Owners to Have their Licenses Revoked

ellephant   |   Sep 14, 2021, 19:58   |   74

Based on reports by Harian Metro, business owners in Malacca would have to make a choice between getting vaccinated and having life go on as the new norm, or refusing vaccines and losing their businesses, as well as permits/licenses altogether. 

Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, Livestock, Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives stated that all business owners MUST take the Covid-19 vaccine, as means to provide the public assurance, especially tourists, when domestic travel is once again allowed.


He further noted that this step is first and foremost, to ensure that all parties are accounted for, and so that the spread of the virus as well as its effects, can be curbed. 

"Should you be reluctant to receive the shots, then simply do not run a business. We will not permit this, as one person's reluctance can affect others. We've advised and warned against it, but if there are still those who do not abide, your business license will be revoked, and your business will permanently be shut down", he stated earlier today. 


He went on to urge all business owners who have not taken their vaccine shots, to go to vaccination centers throughout the state, and receive their doses respectively. 

According to the Chairman, as of present, about 20% of small business owners in Malacca have not completely receive their vaccine shots. Walk-ins although now permitted, has unfortunately not received the expected response.



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