Harry Styles Said YES To A Fan's Promposal? Here's What Actually Happened:



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Harry Styles Said YES To A Fan's Promposal? Here's What Actually Happened:


One particular Harry Styles fan thought she had one of her biggest dreams come true when the former One Direction member turned solo artist said yes to her invitation to prom. 


Anna Carty, Harry Styles superfan, has previously reached out to her local radio station Capital FM, to convey her formal promposal to the singer, who would strategically already be in Scotland around the time of her school prom. Capital FM contacted the fan shortly after, informing her that Harry Styles had delivered a message for her.

"Anna, how's it going? It's Harry Styles here. Hello! Look, Katy J passed on your invite to the prom and I'm sure it'll be a good Scottish party. I would love to be there, so just send me the details and I'll see what I can do. I'll see you soon!"


If you're starting to feel a slight tang of jealousy, don't bother as it was later revealed that it was merely a harmless prank, and surprisingly, Anna took it rather well. "It wasn't real. I enjoyed being on the radio and it was a good laugh." 

Anna added, "It was just a bit of fun and I'm looking forward to my prom. I knew when I heard the voice on the phone that it wasn't Harry Styles."

Nonetheless, let's hope a miracle happens and Harry Styles makes a surprise arrival at Anna's prom anyway!

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