WATCH: Kindergarten Teacher Quits Her Job To Become A Full Time OnlyFans Content Creator, Says It's More "Liberating"



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WATCH: Kindergarten Teacher Quits Her Job To Become A Full Time OnlyFans Content Creator, Says It's More "Liberating"

By Ayunie

Former secondary school teacher Chanel Yui from Singapore is making waves for her bold career transition from education to becoming an OnlyFans content creator. In a TikTok video posted on August 10th, Yui candidly discusses her shift and the motivations behind it.

Yui's move to OnlyFans signifies a form of liberation for her. She emphasizes having experienced a suffocating and restrictive environment while working as an educator. Complaints about her online conduct and content led to reprimands and requests to remove certain posts. Reflecting on her experience, Yui stated, "For years, I have been in a very, very suffocating environment... Why can't I just be myself?" She shared this sentiment in both English and Mandarin during an interview with Esther Lai-Joseph of That Mom Chat on TikTok.

Despite initial concerns about leaving the stability of her teaching job, Yui found support from a successful influencer friend who guided her in her journey towards creating content on OnlyFans. She explains that her gradual exploration of various online platforms made it feel natural to follow the path paved by her influencer friends, benefiting from their expertise and insights.

Yui's motivations to explore unconventional paths were deepened by the passing of her mother, an event that prompted her to embrace new opportunities with a sense of freedom.

The TikTok video documenting Yui's journey has gained significant attention, amassing over 29K views. The reactions have been mixed, with some social media users expressing criticism of her decision, while others show support for her choices, as long as she refrains from returning to teaching.

Watch the TikTok video where Chanel discusses her drastic career change below, or click here to watch it on TikTok:


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