"He Was Following Me!!" Ipoh Woman Stalked By Armed Men At AEON Mall, Left Feeling Traumatized



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"He Was Following Me!!" Ipoh Woman Stalked By Armed Men At AEON Mall, Left Feeling Traumatized

By JustineG

Just a few days ago, a woman experienced being stalked by a stranger in Mont Kiara, and now, another woman in Ipoh had a similar encounter, but with not one, but two men. 

Sharing her story on social media, she recounted walking alone at AEON Mall Ipoh Station 18 during a family dinner. While heading to the restroom, she noticed a man dressed entirely in black with a black mask and hat. 

Worried, she turned to check if he was still following her, and indeed, he was. As she rushed towards the restroom, she discovered another man, and from her observations, he seemed to be reaching for something in his bag, which appeared to be a handgun.


Feeling alarmed, she called her boyfriend for assistance while hiding in the restroom, though the poor phone signal added to her anxiety. Fortunately, when her boyfriend arrived, the suspicious men were gone. As they left together, an uncle approached them, inquiring if she had been followed by a man earlier. 

The uncle and his wife had noticed the situation and waited outside the restroom to ensure her safety. Despite the support received, the woman was left traumatized and shaken. 

She shared her story as a warning to other women in the area, urging them to stay vigilant and avoid becoming victims of similar incidents.

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