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H&M | Cash In Your Old Clothes For Big Vouchers!

By m7py

Don't know what to do with that old, worn-out skirt from high school days? Or, that faded pair of jeans from the 2010s? Get to H &M and dump everything in the recycling box. 

You may do this all year round & at any H&M store in Malaysia. 

Source: Instagram

As part of the garment collecting program, you'll receive 1 voucher of 15% off 1 item of your choice, in exchange of every bag of unwanted garments. 

You may drop off clothes & home textiles of any brand, colour & size, in any condition. 

NO undergarments or fabric scraps, however!

Your recycled apparels will then be sent to a recycling plant, reused as other product, or worn again as second-hand goods. Isn't it cool to be do your part in this global initiative for a more sustainable fashion future? 

Source: Instagram

Every customer is entitled to ONLY 2 vouchers per day. 

You may even use one of your vouchers right away on the same day. Or, save it for future shopping trips. 

But, remember to look out for the expiry date on the voucher. 

Do note that the vouchers CANNOT be used on purchases of gift cards, designer collaborations or on deals, offer & promotional items. 

It's also NOT APPLICABLE on the H&M online store. 

Source: Instagram

So, pack your old textiles in a bag (medium-sized preferably) & make your way to your nearest H&M store!

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