【Food】The New Love Rose Cornetto Is Making Me Fall In Love!



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The New Love Rose Cornetto Is Making Me Fall In Love!

xweienx   |   Sep 14, 2021, 11:48   |   650

Earlier this year, Wall's has introduced a brand new Cornetto ice cream in 7-Elevens all over Thailand and it became an overnight sensation. Now, we are finally getting the same treatment. That's right, the Cornetto Love Rose ice cream is coming to Malaysia!


As you would expect, the ice cream is designed in the shape of a rose. Anniversary? Valentine's? Birthdays? Forget real roses, get me a rose that I could eat!


Not only does it look romantic, it tastes and smells romantic as well! The rose is a sweet peachy milk flavor which is very apparent as soon as you open it. A quick bite and you can enjoy the blend of peach and vanilla. Keep going and you will find our favorite chocolate filled cone tip at the end, of course.


As of now, you can get one of these for only RM3.50 at any place that sells Wall's ice creams such as 7-Elevens and speedmarts.


So, what are you waiting for? Get one today to excite your smell and taste buds or just to surprise your loved ones!


WALLS Cornetto ice Cream icecream

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