5 Signs You're Healing from Them



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5 Signs You're Healing from Them

By ellephant

We've all been through our fair share of hurt, pain and heartbreak. 

No matter the source, healing has and never will, be a straight line. As a matter of fact, so much of that process is actually finding yourself taking two steps forward but then one step back. 


Despite understanding that the key is perseverance, we often await the days we realize we're not as broken today, as we were yesterday. 

Is it easy to tell? What are some signs we're healing from a person, or at least getting there?

1. Your heart doesn't drop at the mention of their name

When someone else talks about this person, there isn't a sinking feeling in your chest, or a pit in your stomach any longer. You're okay.


2. You can talk about what happened from a place of clarity

Instead of expressing the past clouded by emotions, you're able to rationalize everything, and have clearer viewpoints. 

3. You're able to see the relationship for what it was

Instead of only seeing what was good and what you lost, or what was bad and what they lost, you're able to see the entire, fuller picture. 


4. Your actions aren't colored by missing them

You do not do the things you do because you miss them anymore. You're your own person and you have your own actions. 

5. You feel like yourself again most days

Whether you realize it or not, you start falling back into who you were before them, or better yet, an improved version of you, after them. 


Losing someone is not easy, and the journey to accustom yourself back to a life without them, is only an uphill battle. However, time helps, and with time, you will grow bigger than your pain. 

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