Tis The Season, But How Healthy Of A Relationship Do You Have With Alcohol?



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Tis The Season, But How Healthy Of A Relationship Do You Have With Alcohol?

By ellephant

From Christmas, New Year and the Lunar New Year, tis truly the season for drinking. 

Fun and merriment aside though, have you ever sat down to assess your relationship with alcohol? The high from booze is unbeatable, but when done in excess, can contribute some pretty damning consequences. 


Do you exhibit alcohol-use red flags?

Here are a few 12 to look through so that you know where you stand. Check them out. 

1. Having an impulse to drink when you need to relax 

2. Prioritizing drinking over other more important commitments

3. Feeling uncomfortable when someone doesn't drink

4. Constantly looking for or coming up with excuses to drink

5. Drinking to soothe difficult emotions or stress

6. Often thinking about alcohol and drinking


7. Having to justify your drinking to yourself and to others

8. Not wanting to/being unable to stop drinking when you've started

9. Feeling like you need alcohol to socialize and have fun

10. The relationships you have revolve around drinking

11. Repeatedly failing to have limits with drinking

12. Lying about/hiding how much you drink 

How many of these red flags do you exhibit? Take note, especially because you may need more help than you actually know. 


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