SHOCKING: "Stay Away From Adeline!" M'sian Woman Blames Beautician For Causing Lip Infection Receives Massive Backlash



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SHOCKING: "Stay Away From Adeline!" M'sian Woman Blames Beautician For Causing Lip Infection Receives Massive Backlash

By JustineG

There have been several incidents where customers emerged from beauty parlours with severe skin damage. In one such case, a woman refused to pay the beauty parlour for services rendered, alleging injury. 

The beautician took to social media to present her perspective on the matter. She asserted that after completing the lip tattoo and eyelash extensions, the client refused to pay the agreed-upon amount, insisting on paying only half. When the beautician suggested the client's sister settle the bill, she found out that the sister couldn't pay as well.

Despite the beautician's attempts to resolve the issue amicably, the client became increasingly disrespectful. She refused to leave, disrupted the store, and harassed them with multiple phone calls. Upon investigation by a local news outlet, China Press it was revealed that the woman had premeditated not paying. 

She asked unusual questions before the appointment, including inquiries about the business's legitimacy and her ability to sue if anything went wrong.  

Because of how viral this is going, the woman (customer) also utilized social media to recount her experience, claiming dissatisfaction with a mouth tattoo and eyelash extension. According to her, the tattoo did not meet expectations and caused an infection in her lips.

The woman shared a letter from a doctor in Kota Damansara, supposedly corroborating her claims. However, netizens scrutinized the letter, finding discrepancies. It detailed her overall physical health, mentioning a history of lip Botox injections and reluctance to undergo a blood test, instead requesting antibiotics. 

Additionally, the letter contained a request from the doctor for further examination at a hospital. Netizens speculate that the doctor may have penned the letter merely to place the woman.

This behavior aligned with her pattern of avoiding payment and lodging complaints against other stores. To make things worse for her, there's a whole series of stories including incidents where she refused to pay after riding Grab, allegations of selling sex or specifically selling her "first night," and various other questionable behaviors. 

She had even filed 37 complaints to the police trying to be a victim and had even peed in front of an officer once. Her attitude has garnered public attention, prompting many to advise others to blacklist her.

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