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How To Make Money Online | Side Hustles That No One Talks About:

By Ayunie

One step to reach financial freedom is to start earning money on the side, and there are plenty of options that you can look into— some don‘t even require skills.  

Here are four ways you can earn extra money by means of side hustling.  

1. Start a digital planner business  

Digital planners are quite easy to design, and with free websites like to get you started, sky's the limit. Canva provides many free illustrative templates for you to choose from and tweak it like your own. Once you've your designs, you can start selling! Instagram, Shopee, and Etsy are all good platforms to start with. 

2. Create Your Own Meme Page
This requires extensive research on pop culture and regular posting but meme content is bound to go viral in one way or another if you're persistent. Once your followers reach the 50K mark, you can start making money by launching your own apparel brand, creating sponsored posts, and more. 

3. Start blogging  

You may think blogging has become way out of trend, but you're mistaken. If you have a knack for building an online presence, blogging can be another source of your income. Ways to make money by blogging:

• Add affiliate links to your posts

• Partner with brands and publish sponsored content

• Display ads on your page

4. Register for Shopee Affiliate Program  

Rather than spending money on Shopee, you can also start earning on the platform too. You can earn commission by promoting products sold on Shopee to your followers and you get paid every time someone clicks on it. You can register here and start earning!

With a dash of persistence and strategic planning, you can slowly build an empire. 

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