The Best and Worst Shoes for Your Feet Shape



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The Best and Worst Shoes for Your Feet Shape

By MJC97

There’s an old wives’ tale that says, when you buy a new shoe, you have to bite it, so that it doesn’t bite you. In other words, they say that you have to bite your new shoes to avoid feeling any pain when wearing it. 

Honestly, we don’t know how true that is and if it actually works. In reality, when your shoe keeps hurting your feet, it probably isn’t because you didn’t bite it but maybe because you are wearing the wrong shoe type for your feet shape. 

Here’s a list of the most common feet shapes and the suitable shoe type for you:

1. Egyptian Feet

People with Egyptian feet will notice that their toes have a decreasing length; the big toe is the longest and the small toe is the shortest.  

Suitable Shoe Shapes: Oblique, Round, Square

Avoid: Pointy shoes

2. Greek Feet

If you have Greek feet, then your second toe is longer than the big toe and the other toes decrease in length in stair-step formation.  

Suitable Shoe Shapes: Pointed, Almond

Avoid: High heels

3. Roman Feet

People with Roman foot shape normally have the first three or more toes are a similar length, while the rest two toes are shorter.  

Suitable Shoe Shapes: Square, Round, Egg 

Avoid: Pointed or shoes with narrow front

4. Celtic Feet

If you have Celtic feet, then your second toe’s usually the longest and your other toes have different lengths that don’t follow a specific order.  

Suitable Shoe Shapes: Round

Avoid: Pointed shoes

Foot Faults

When choosing the perfect shoe for your feet shape, you should also think about the foot issues that you have. Sometimes, when you use the wrong show, it makes your foot problems become worse. 

Here are some of the most common feet issues and the type of shoes that are best for you condition:

+ Bunions

Bunions are bony angular bumps that normally form at the joint between the big toe and the foot.  

Best shoe: Close-toe shoe made with soft leather so that it can stretch according to the size of your bunion

Avoid: Gladiator high heels

+ Hammertoes

Hammertoes are an abnormality in which toes curve under instead of extending straight out, becoming almost claw-like.  

Best shoe: Sandals! IF you’re looking for closed-toe shoes then make sure the toe area is soft and roomy.

Avoid: Narrow shoes, pointy-toed heels

+ Wide Feet

Feet are considered wide when the 1st and 5th toes spread out more the normal shape of the foot when you step down.  

Best shoe: Wide or round shape, no more than 2-1/2- inch heel

Avoid: Pointy-toed shoes and flip flops

+ Narrow Feet

Feet are considered narrow when you start to realise that your shoes feel excessively roomy even when it is your size.  

Best shoe: Any strappy footwear, better if it is adjustable

Avoid: Ballet flats

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