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MOH on the Hunt for Disobedient Caucasian Woman

ellephant   |   Oct 28, 2021, 15:52   |   78

Yesterday, a video of a woman causing a scene at KLCC went viral.

Caucasian, middle-aged (assumed) and maskless, she was caught on camera (original video now removed), creating commotion for not being allowed into a Dior store in the building. 

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Shortly thereafter, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, noted via his Twitter page that investigations were underway for more details on the matter, and that "when in Rome, do as the Romans do". 

Called out for being an antivaxxer, 'Karen' (translation: slang for entitled white woman) has since been trending on Twitter, and latest updates state that the Ministry of Health is on the lookout for her. 


The mandatory face mask policy came into effect on 1 August 2020, and based on regulations, all those who fail to abide will be fined under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988.


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