The Best Alcohols to Have this Christmas Time



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The Best Alcohols to Have this Christmas Time

By ellephant

It's the season of giving, but better than that (for those who indulge in alcohol), it's the season of drinking!

Besides presents, decorations, and music, no Christmas can be complete without alcohol. From old traditions to getting creative, the list of Christmas drinks to have, is long. 

However, we made it easy and rallied up the top 5 alcohols you just MUST HAVE at Christmas, and here they are. 

1. Wine  


- Cienna by Brown Brothers

- Lambrusco

- Moscato

2. Champagne  


- Chocolate in a Bottle

- Moet & Chandon

- Dom Perignon

3. Eggnog & Hot Chocolate with Alcohol  

4. Baileys  

5. Cocktails 


- Sangria

- Candy Cane Margherita 

- Peppermint Martini

A Christmas to remember? We think so!

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