Are You Subconsciously Destroying Your Self-Esteem? Here Are 9 Habits To Tell



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Are You Subconsciously Destroying Your Self-Esteem? Here Are 9 Habits To Tell

By ellephant

One of the hardest problems we face with ourselves is looking at ourselves and loving each and every part. 

Self-esteem can allow belittlement to the extremes of sense and have the effects bleeding out into all the other facets of our lives. 

What are some of the habits we subconsciously practice, which drops our self-esteem?

Here are 9.  

#1 Comparing

So very clearly at number 1 is comparing yourself to the people around you. We're each our own person, walking our own paths in life. There is no need to make room for comparison. 

#2 Blame

Do not go around making yourself a victim. You have to learn how to be held accountable for your own actions. If you aren't responsible for your own life, who else is going to be?  

#3 Negativity

Anything which brings in negativity into your life should be removed. Whether it is relationships, a job, your health, friends or family, detox and watch your self-esteem rise. 

#4 Regret

It isn't entirely possible to live a life with no regrets. However, it is possible to reframe those regrets into learning experiences, opportunities to grow, develop and improve.  

#5 Isolation

Do not actively segregate yourself from the world. As much of an introvert as you may be, find your circle and lean on them. We humans are social beings, and we need other people to thrive. 

#6 Conforming

Becoming who others expect you to be is never the way to go about life. Your life is your own, and you should live it out loud the way you see fit. Do not force yourself to fit in when you can stand out.  

#7 Cowardice

One's choices should always reflect your hopes instead of your fears. Do not be afraid to challenge and lead yourself out of your comfort zones. The best of life is at the edge of fear. 

#8 Negligence 

A good inside begins with a good outside. Self-care is simple, don't complicate it and do the work. Meditate, rest well, eat healthy and slip in a workout every once in awhile. 

#9 Patience

Understand that the sometimes the best things take time. You may be tempted by temporary pleasures, but focus on the long-term goal and the bigger picture of things.  

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