This TikToker Explains Differences Between Service Charge & Tax



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This TikToker Explains Differences Between Service Charge & Tax

3 Days ago
By Grace Sundram

The majority of us consistently mix up the terms "service tax" and "service fee" on our receipts, which indicates that we don't fully comprehend it.

To put it plainly, TikToker (lellullizms) explains that the tax you often pay at fast food restaurants is a tax that is collected by the government and does not affect an employee's income. 

She added that popular fast food chains like McDonald's and KFC are known to collect service tax and patrons are advised to clear the table after finishing their meal.

@lellullizms #stitch with @Tajudin Fitri original sound - Lulz

Meanwhile, restaurants that charge a service charge on the receipt usually pay the workers to clean the table after the customer eats.

Even after the video went viral and received 440k views and 26.6K likes on TikTok, the majority of netizens are still unaware of the differences between both tax and charges.

Well, now you know! So the next time you're dining at a fast food joint, be courteous to the staff and clean up the mess you've made. 

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Grace Sundram

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