Malaysia's Beloved SAR Dog Blake Has Sadly Passed Away After Silent Battle With Lymphoma



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Malaysia's Beloved SAR Dog Blake Has Sadly Passed Away After Silent Battle With Lymphoma

By Ayunie

In a somber development, a dedicated search and rescue (SAR) dog, Blake, belonging to the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM), has been euthanized after being diagnosed with stage four lymphoma.

JBPM issued a statement revealing that Blake, a valuable member of the Cadaver discipline, received the lymphoma diagnosis on August 15th and was euthanized yesterday at 4:38 pm.

The decision to euthanize Blake came after a series of challenging events. He was readmitted to the Anjing Kesayangan di Fakulti Veterinar, University Putra Malaysia (UPM), on September 14th. During this time, Blake exhibited concerning symptoms, including loss of appetite and lethargy, prompting the need for closer monitoring of his lymphoma's progression.

Source: KPKT

Despite the best efforts of the veterinary team, Blake's condition deteriorated. The lymphoma became increasingly aggressive, spreading throughout his body and growing in size. Veterinarian Specialist Dr. Nur Alimah Rahman was consulted, and it was unanimously decided within the department that Blake should be euthanized due to his rapidly declining health.

The decision to euthanize Blake was made out of compassion and consideration for his well-being, as there was no hope of recovery, and it aimed to prevent the dog from experiencing further suffering.

Blake was an English Springer Spaniel from the United Kingdom and became a valued member of JBPM in 2017. His remarkable service included participating in search and rescue operations for landslide victims in Batang Kali in December of the previous year. However, his dedication led to exhaustion, and he had to be rested due to strenuous overtime work. 

JBPM emphasized that Blake's relentless efforts had led to his physical collapse after two consecutive days of demanding work during those crucial operations.

Rest in peace, Blake. You've done well. 

Source: Kosmo!

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