We Found The Secret To Your Most Flawless Skin! It’s…



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We Found The Secret To Your Most Flawless Skin! It’s…

By ellephant

Flawless skin does not start with skincare and skin treatments!

On days you experience, severe skin problems like breakouts and hyperpigmentation, or much easier-to-accept problems like redness and uneven skin tone, the answer isn’t skincare.


Here’s what we found out!

The perfect skin is a journey, and step one is not wasting money on skincare and skin treatments.

Step two is fixing your skin barrier by proper cleansing.



1. Treat your skin like a delicate block of tofu

2. Do not use your cleanser and aggressively rub your face

3. Do not use a silicon pad with bristles on your face

4. Pay attention to water temperature when washing your face (it is lukewarm/cold NOT warm or hot)


5. Use gentle cleansers on the daily and special cleansers when you need to (AHA, salicylic acid, low pH)

6. Take a pea sized amount on cleanser, lather it onto your palms and gently rub on face

7. Days you use heavy makeup or suncreen, double cleanse (cleansing oil, cleansing balm)

8. Don’t use dry towels and do not wipe away the water, always pat dry


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