Are You Feeling Lonely? Cause Of Loneliness For 12 Constellations



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Are You Feeling Lonely? Cause Of Loneliness For 12 Constellations

By Jada

After entering adulthood, we love to hide our true selves and even feel lonely when no one understands us. Let’s take a look at the cause of loneliness of the 12 constellations. 

~ Capricorn ~

Many people think that Capricorns only have themselves in the eyes. In fact, Capricorns are only afraid that they will be disappointed when their expectation is not met. Hence, Capricorns prefer self-affirmation.

~ Aquarius ~

Aquarius seem to be independent and care about nothing. In fact, Aquarius is always lonely and they hope for someone to understand them and open their heart! 


~ Pisces ~

Many people think that Pisces is a constellation that often asks for consolation from others. In fact, Pisces just want to find someone to talk to and vent their emotions.

~ Aries ~

Aries always do things on a whim. It is tiring to bravely venture into the world. Aries will feel lonely when his/ her action is not understood by the person he/she loves.

~ Taurus ~

Taurus is honest, rational, and stubborn. In fact, most of their loneliness comes from being too rational and stubborn. They don’t like to talk to others (even the closest people) about anything. They like to keep all these thoughts in their heart.

~ Gemini ~

People often think that Gemini is playful and passionate, as they always look happy, smart in doing everything by themselves. In fact, Gemini actually doesn't like to trouble people, so even if they are tired.

~ Cancer ~

Cancers love their family so much that they have always been accustomed to reporting the good news and not the negative things. Therefore, Cancer will choose to hide their sentimentality and loneliness silently.

~ Leon ~

Leons always love to save their face and never bow their heads to anyone. Many people feel that they are arrogant. In fact, they have always been afraid of being misunderstood by others. This kind of loneliness is the one that cannot be borne by Leons.

~ Virgin ~

Virgins are always willing to love unreservedly. At the same time, they are afraid that they will suffer more harm if they sacrifice more.

~ Libra ~

Libras are a bit lazy to disclose their opinion of others, even they disagree with that person. They would feel lonely to keep their own opinion in the heart.

~ Scorpio ~

Scorpio is soft-hearted but they are hard-mouthed. They are used to accepting everything silently by themselves because this is a way to create a sense of security. 

~ Sagittarius ~

Sagittarius always feel that no one can understand their difficulties and pain. Actually, it is advisable that they can try to reveal their true emotion and not all unhappiness can be eliminated by themselves.

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