Understand Yourself Better From How You Start Your McDonald's Set Meal



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Understand Yourself Better From How You Start Your McDonald's Set Meal

By Jada

McDonald's is one of most popular fast food brands in the world. Its good customer services always leads to big smiles on the faces of their customers. Other than that, we often find that McDonald's frequently update its menu to bring new surprise to its customers. if you are a fan of McDonald's, you can even check out the type of person you are from the sequence you start eating your McDonald's set meal. Let’s take this fun test! 

(A) Hamburger

You are a person who pursues perfection. You are emotional and unbearable to setbacks. In addition, you like a free life, but at the same time you hope that others will pay more attention to you. You like to pretend not to care about things that you actually care about very much. You never conceal your feelings. You like to spend time clarify some inner thoughts in the night.


(B) French fries

If you choose French fries, you have a person who extremely pursue cleanliness. In daily life, you are someone who like to squeeze toothpaste from the end and you will never leave a grain of rice in your bowl.

(C) Ice-cream

If you choose to eat ice cream first, you are a simple person who has no scheming and likes to live in your own world. You get along with new friends very well once you are familiar with them. In addition, you will not take the initiative to contact the person that you miss and you rather will wait for the other person to take the initiative to contact you.

(D) Drinks

You are a person who is cold on the outside and warm on the inside. You always like to stay alone by yourself. In fact, you are a person who likes to have fun. When you play, you will forget all your worries, just like a child. In addition, your possessive personality is very strong, and you not allowing anyone to touch the thing you love.


Do you agree that the test results?

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