Weight Loss | 5 Tricks To Break Out Of Your Plateau Fast



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Weight Loss | 5 Tricks To Break Out Of Your Plateau Fast

By m7py

Seeing the scale stuck at the same digits is the most frustrating thing ever. I mean- you've done almost everything in the book: dieting, working out, fluid intake, etc. 

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So, how to escape this plateau & lose more weight? Here is a guide to help you. 

1- Don't stress it

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Don't make losing weight the sole focus of your life. You'll end up getting too pressured & this slows your body down. Instead, enjoy the process & take it easy. Love yourself no matter how much weight you lose or not! 

2-  Find a calorie balance

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You won't lose weight if your calorie input (what you're eating) = your calorie output (the body fat you're burning). So, cut your calorie intake further or burn more calories with exercise or do both. Aim to get your input lower than output. 

3- Get in 90 minutes of cardio

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Raise your cardio workout session to 90 minutes most days of the week. Do 2 bouts of 45-minute rounds to prevent burnout. Make sure to have 10 to 15 minutes of rest in between the bouts. 

4- Eat water-rich food

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Include fiber-filled food like veggies, fruits, beans, hot cereals, potatoes, corn, yams & brown rice in your diet. You'll feel full for a long time, minus the unnecessary calories. 

5- Stay away from dry food

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Those dry, high-fat food aren't filling at all. So, get rid of chips, crackers, candy bars, trail mix, cookies & any other baked goods. They are just forcing you to choose between being obese or being chronically hungry. 

Try to get past your weight-loss plateau with these tips. Don't give up! 

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