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How to Eat French Fries in a Healthier Way

xweienx   |   Sep 29, 2021, 10:55   |   13

Is it just me or do fries go well with any meal? Fries are addictive and super versatile, but we all know they are detrimental to our bodies. Obesity and heart problems are just the tip of the iceberg. So, is there a way to get healthier fries? That sounds like an oxymoron, but hear us out.



It's simple. If you can't stop yourself from eating fries, then limit yourself to eating less of it. Never go for an upsize and always try to choose the smallest portion of fries possible. If you're out with friends, consider offering some of your fries for sharing (oops, sorry friends!).



Do you eat your fries plain? I highly doubt so. Chilli sauce? Mmhmm. Cheese sauce? Yes, please. Although that makes the fries taste a thousand times better, it also increases the amount of calories a thousand fold (ok, maybe not x1000 but you get what I mean). Mayonnaise is also a big no no! If you have to eat it with sauce, consider salsa or ketchup which are ranked among the least calorie sauces.



If you're not too picky with the taste and just want a nice snack, then consider making or choosing fries made out of sweet potato. They will taste "healthier" because they are, containing more nutrients than regular potato fries, but that is no reason to eat more of it.


Cooking Method

And if you're not too strict with your definition of fries, then you might want to give air frying or baking a try. Both of these options remove the huge amounts of oil used in regular deep fried fries, and as such, the calories.


So, the next time you order or make your own fries, keep these things in mind. Although it is still much better to not have them at all, but at least this way you are doing all you can to contain the damage to your body!


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