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M’sian Tattoo Artists to Follow on IG For Your Next Tattoo Inspo

MJC97   |   Oct 26, 2021, 12:42   |   37

With tattoos, there are some people who love them and some people who hate them! One thing for sure, once you get tattoo, you’ll wake up every day wanting more.

There are two kinds of tattoo people, the kind that wants every tattoo to mean something and the kind that don’t really need every tattoo to have a meaning. The similarity between the two kinds is their love for the art. 

Tattooing is an art with many different styles that appeal to different people. 

Here are 5 different tattoo artists with different tattoo styles that you should follow on Instagram so that the next time you’re thinking of getting one, you can get inspiration from one of them: 

1. Reef Bryah from Wayang Kulit Tatu KL 

If you’re a fan American Traditional tattoos, then you’re going to have to follow this Kuching-born tattoo artist because that is his niche. 

For those who don’t know what American Traditional tattoos are, they are highly saturated, simple designs with less shading that look like drawings with bold and black outlines. 

2. Yi Min from Sanmao Studio KL 

Yi Min makes intricate tattoos that look that delicate because of the technique used which is the hand poked tattoos. It is the original way they tattooed back in the day, using a single needle to push the ink under the skin instead of a tattoo gun.

Most of her designs are Chinese inspired art pieces like bonsai trees and animals. 

3. Fabian from Electric Magic Tattoo Penang 

Fabian’s tattoos can be bold and expressive but also gory and grisly. If you are interested in hand poked tattoos, he can also do that! Scrolling through his Instagram you can see many tattoos that look like funky and fun doodles which are perfect for those who love the quirky grunge looks. 

4. Mae Oh from Black Canvas Tattoos KL 

Mae Oh and her husband are both tattoo artists who opened up Black Canvas Tattoos. She specializes in intricate elegant floral designs while her husband is an expert in realism tattoos. Her tattoos are made up of fine lines making them look super delicate and you can even add a drawing of your favourite animal to your tattoo!

5. Pclaink from Gimmick Tattoo KL 

When you first look at her Instagram you will notice that her designs are actually very old school, biker-gang kinda tattoos but there is actually a modern twist. She incorporates relatable designs 21st designs while still giving you a retro vibe which is perfect for millennials and even Gen-Zs who love a little nostalgia. 


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