WE CAN UNSEND AN EMAIL?? : 6 Gmail Hacks We Bet You Didn't Know



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WE CAN UNSEND AN EMAIL?? : 6 Gmail Hacks We Bet You Didn't Know

By ellephant

We've used Gmail almost our whole lives (some of us), and yet there is a whole world of secrets, that up until just now, we were clueless about!

After some research, we discovered the 6 Gmail hacks out there which would honestly save so much of our time, and we thought what better to do with that info, than to share. 

So without further ado, check them out down below and see how you can make your life THAT much easier. 

#1 Unsending an email


- Click the setting icon on the top right

- Go to General

- Toggle on for 'Undo Send'

- Choose 30 secs

An undo button will appear the next time you send a mail

#2 Send email later


- Click down arrow to 'Send'

- Choose 'Schedule Send'

- Pick the date and time you want

#3 Preparing replies


- Go to Settings > Advanced > Enable Templates

- Draft your email

- Click the 3 dots

- Save as template

Use it when you need it next time

#4 Search for messages


Type into the search box:

- from:x or to:x (for the person)

- after:x or before:x (for the date)

- size:x (for large emails)

- has:attachment

#5 Use shortcuts


- Go to Settings > General

- Keyboard shortcuts: on

#6 Snooze an email


- Click on the clock icon on the right

- Choose how long you want to snooze an email

The email will appear back in your inbox on that date

And voila!

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