Controversy Arises As Private Hospital Doctor, Dr. Malar, Receives Exemplary Employee Award Instead of Public Healthcare Workers



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Controversy Arises As Private Hospital Doctor, Dr. Malar, Receives Exemplary Employee Award Instead of Public Healthcare Workers

By sleepingbeauty

Social media personality and doctor, Dr. Malar Santhi, received the Exemplary Employee Award at the 2023 Labours Day Celebration held at the Putrajaya International Convention Center last Monday.

She expressed her disbelief that her efforts in sharing medical knowledge on social media, in addition to her duties as a doctor at the Emergency Department of Columbia Asia Hospital, were recognized and honoured.

She also thanked the government for the acknowledgement.

@drmalarss PCOS ialah keadaan dimana wanita mempunyai kitaran haid yang pendek, panjang atau tidak lazim. Jom kite dengar apa kata pakar dengan keterangan lebih lanjut. Kalau uolls semua ade masalah ni ce komen skit kat bawah. #sahi2 #hospitalcolumbiaasiacheras #sakitapahariiniseason2 original sound - Celoteh Dr Malar

For the unfamiliar, Dr Malar is widely known for her expertise in sharing various information related to the Covid-19 pandemic, vaccines, and health issues through social media in the Malay language.

However, a small group of netizens were dissatisfied with the recognition given to Dr Malar, as they believed the award should have been given to more deserving medical personnel.

A Twitter user claimed that the award should have been presented to public healthcare workers considering their heavier workload compared to those in the private sector.

Several others agreed with this view, stating that the management should have been wiser and more sensitive in announcing the award. They felt that it seemed unfair for the award to be received by a doctor in a private hospital.

According to them, healthcare workers in private hospitals receive higher pay and have a lighter workload compared to those in the public sector. Therefore, they have more time to share knowledge with the public compared to healthcare workers in the public sector.

However, many others disagreed with the Twitter user's opinion, stating that anyone can receive the award and there is no need to raise such issues.

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