WATCH: Viral "Skiing" Video In Hartamas Sparks Curiosity Among Netizens



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WATCH: Viral "Skiing" Video In Hartamas Sparks Curiosity Among Netizens

By JustineG

When we hear about skiing, we naturally imagine the cold and slippery snow-covered mountains of European countries. However, it's quite surprising to come across a video of skiing being played on a road in Malaysia. Can you really ski in Malaysia?

In a viral video on Twitter, the sight of an individual skiing on a road in Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, caught the attention of many. The person recording the video found the situation strange and unprecedented, considering that this sport is typically played in cold climate countries.

The video sparked confusion among netizens, who jokingly speculated that the individual might be longing for a snowy environment. However, some netizens explained that the person's action is not unusual as it is a sport called Roller Skiing.

Roller skiing is a technique that closely resembles skiing on snow, where players must maintain balance while using ski poles and roller blades. It is suitable for playing on the roads. Nonetheless, it is important for those engaging in this sport to be cautious on the road to avoid disrupting traffic.

While roller skiing may be a legitimate sport, it is still unexpected to witness such activity on Malaysian roads. As always, it is essential to prioritize safety and ensure that such endeavours do not pose risks or inconveniences to others on the road.

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