WATCH : Oyen Scams People To Enjoy Some Cool Relief



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WATCH : Oyen Scams People To Enjoy Some Cool Relief

By Nick Dorian

While it may now unfortunately be a common occurrence to see a multitude of innocent people falling prey to multiple scammers, very rarely does a case involve an Oyen.

In a recent TikTok video posted by user @mohammadnazif1, he recently encountered an innocent looking Oyen in front of a clinic that seemed to have been lost or discarded by its owners.  
"You can usually find him sitting in front of this clinic, enjoying air-conditioning seeping through the front door."

"Sometimes, he would slip in through the front door, and when nurses saw him, he would act hurt to avoid capture,"

Worried for the poor kitties safety, the user took it on themselves to take the cat to a vet to see what the injury are and how they can begin to seek treatment for the feline. However, what they discovered, was a piece of news they never expected.

"I cant believe that even cats scam people."

Turns out the little ball of fur was actually perfectly fine and was appearing to look injured in order to sneak into the clinic to enjoy some air con to cool themselves down. 

With the heat of the Malaysian sun beaming down these days, we honestly can't blame this little Oyen. 

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Nick Dorian

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