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KKM: Booster Shot Encouraged but Not Compulsory

ellephant   |   Dec 2, 2021, 15:54   |   30

Based on reports, the Malaysian government has currently no plans of making the Coronavirus vaccine booster shot, compulsory. 

According to Vice Health Minister II, like shot 1 and 2, shot 3 too would be merely encouraged and not forced upon. 

"Despite the percentage of booster shot recipients only having reached 10.83% at present time, we would still not be making the initiative compulsory. However, with the existence of the worrisome new variant (Omicron), we greatly do encourage people to take it", he said. 


This was to answer a question posed at the Community Hall Meet, after receiving data that 30-40% of individuals (who had already taken 2 doses), rejected the offer at a booster shot. 

Besides that, he also concluded that the Health Ministry of Malaysia would strive best they can, to encourage people to receive their booster shot as means to curb the further spread of Covid-19. 


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