10 BN Mps Withdrew Their Support For Muhyiddin Yassin



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10 BN Mps Withdrew Their Support For Muhyiddin Yassin

2 Weeks ago

As reported by the NST, ten MPs from Barisan Nasional withdrew their prior support for Perikatan Nasional (PN) yesterday, depriving it of the momentum it needed to establish the government. It is understood that the withdrawal of support took place through statutory declarations that were e-mailed to the palace yesterday about 2pm.


Despite Muhyiddin's insistence that he had the support of 115 MPs, Istana Negara informed him that this was insufficient. The king's suggestion that PN and PH form the government together was flatly rejected by Muhyiddin yesterday during a press conference at his home following the meeting.

"I want to prove that when we submitted this (the SDs) we had more than 112 MPs (supporting PN). That's why we were confident that we could form the government." Muhyiddin stated. "But when I met (the King today), he said this was not enough. I don't know what was the reason for this, but the proof is there," he said in reference to the SDs. 

What's next of this drama? To be continued...

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