Not Again! Another Group Of Foreigners Scaled Merdeka 118



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Not Again! Another Group Of Foreigners Scaled Merdeka 118

By Grace Sundram

What is it with people illegally breaking into buildings and bragging about it? 

A Russian couple recently gained notoriety by climbing Merdeka 118 in a negative way.

And now, we find out that they aren't the only ones who are doing it and didn't get caught. 

Isaac "Drift" Wright, a US veteran, documented his experience climbing the second-tallest building in the world on his YouTube channel, Driftershoots.

The video shows how they were able to enter the building by disguising themselves with helmets and builders' uniforms.

Additionally, you can see in one of the shots that there were steel grills installed at the entrance of the stairs that were seen being cut open by them, proving that they broke into the building.

Despite the storm, the group continued the mission till they reached the top. Where you can see them taking photos and hear one of them say, "It's the best sunrise you could possibly ask for".

Right after that, the video takes us to them celebrating in their hotel room with champagne.

In the video's caption, reads, "The journey was long and difficult and full of challenges. A number of attempts had already ended in prison time for certain individuals so we knew we were up against heavy odds. The trip ended successfully and it's a gift to be ending the year showing the footage. This video is an artistic expression of freedom done in and for love, I do not encourage anybody to recreate the actions shown in this video."

In spite of the fact that they knew climbing the building would put them at risk of going to prison, they nevertheless did it.

Don't you agree that it sounds quite similar to the Russians' story?

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Grace Sundram

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