M'sian Teaches How To Use Popular Tamil Word "Anneh" In A Proper Context



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M'sian Teaches How To Use Popular Tamil Word "Anneh" In A Proper Context

By Grace Sundram

There is just no other place like Malaysia. a nation where different languages and cultures coexist. It is also gratifying to hear someone who is not of your race speak your language in daily interactions or speak it even more fluently than you.

On TikTok, this Msian goes by the handle @divendranbaskaran and enjoys educating others about his ethnicity, way of life, and language. Many of his followers are of different races, and they enjoy learning from him and asking questions.

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One follower asked him about the Tamil word, Anneh.

So, what is anneh? The Tamil word anneh means big brother. This implies that the term may be used to describe a man who is older than you. Even if the other person is your same age, you can still use the word as a sign of respect.

But you shouldn't call your husband this (if you are married). Divendran emphasizes this since some Malay women call their husbands abang.

It is a word for a different context.

For instance, calling the server anneh when you go to a mamak is another right way. That is how you should do it!

Anneh Tamil

Grace Sundram

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