Loyal Doggo Follows Nasi Lemak Stall Owners Everywhere



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Loyal Doggo Follows Nasi Lemak Stall Owners Everywhere

By sleepingbeauty

Dogs are just loyal companions who want affection and protection regardless of race. Ms Chonky is recognized in Cyberjaya as Acik Lela Nasi Lemak's stall ambassador and bodyguard.

The whole reason she's chonky is probably 'cause of all the nasi lemak she's been getting from the mak cik, which is highly possible as she seems super happy and healthy! 

The nasi lemak stall is well-known in Cyberjaya not only because the food is good, but also because it is unusual to come across a stray dog that has chosen the stall owners as her caretakers.

Most patrons look forward to meeting Ms Chonky in the morning before heading out to work, and she appears to be quite friendly with people.

Malaysians applauded the mak cik for her act of goodwill for homeless doggos.


Recently, it was discovered that the stall owners had relocated from their original location, and several were concerned about Ms Chonky's welfare.


She, on the other hand, followed them and is currently actively guarding the stall and the owners with all her might. Plus, she's still getting complimentary nasi lemak. 

This is simply heartwarming!

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