WATCH: Did You Know You Can Sue Your Ex For Calling Off The Wedding? Here's How!



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WATCH: Did You Know You Can Sue Your Ex For Calling Off The Wedding? Here's How!

By JustineG

Experiencing a breakup in the midst of planning a wedding can be incredibly painful, especially when the anticipation of the once-in-a-lifetime event is cut short. However, if any of you have faced a situation where an engagement is called off and the wedding is cancelled, there is actually a legal avenue you can explore taking the case to court! 

This intriguing possibility was shared by a lawyer named Lawyer Gandhi on his TikTok account. Nevertheless, he emphasizes that there are several aspects to consider before pursuing such a legal course.

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"Yes, you can file a lawsuit," he explains, "but remember the following points. First, you need to ensure there's a clear agreement to get married. For example, if both parties have sent out wedding invitations."

"Compensation can be sought for all the expenses related to the engagement and wedding preparations. This includes the return of the mas kahwin and any bridal gifts."

Furthermore, he highlights that any agreements that facilitate a marriage can be pursued through the Sharia Court for Muslims, and the civil court for those who aren't Muslim. Remember, if a relationship ends, it's best to part ways amicably.

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