Aww! and LOL Responses From Reddit Users When Asked, ”What Do Girls Do That Give Guys Butterflies?“



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Aww! and LOL Responses From Reddit Users When Asked, ”What Do Girls Do That Give Guys Butterflies?“


One Reddit user posted a question on a discussion group AskReddit, specifically asking them the simple acts girls do that make them particularly nervous.

The questions received around 4K replies in response. We‘ve generously compiled a few responses worth noting— some are LOL material, while others are downright heartwarming. 

|1| Physical Touch

Physical touch is one of the five love languages in which humans use to express affection. No doubt, something as simple as holding hands could make any guy weak in the knees, according to this Reddit user. 

|2| Tight Hugs

Ah... who wouldn't appreciate a long hug? 

|3|  A Normal Interaction?

For some who have uh... less experience with women in general, a bare minimum gesture is simply sufficient. 

|4| Treat Them Like A Wall... Kinda

Again, physical touch seems to be the big theme in the "How To Make A Guy Melt" department. Interesting. 

|5| Hair Touching

Like any romantic scenes in movies, once a person runs their hand through your hair... *cue a love song soundtrack in the background*

|6| Caterpillar... Farm?

This guy took it rather literally but hey, at least we learned something new today.

If you're still looking for more ways to sweep your guy off their feet, head on to AskReddit and you'll be a pro in no time. 

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